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product arrow Sonic Exciter SX 3040

Price Rp 1.850.000 Beli

Ultimate Stereo

* Dramatically improves your sound by adding clarity, dimension and depth

* Produces natural brightness through harmonic enhancement and tighter bass with increased punch through phase compensation

* Professional and home recording studios: brings out the full sound spectrum of your tracks, mixdown and mastering

* PA, nightclub and DJ systems: improves the performance of any sound system by adding sparkling high end and super-tight bass without the need for additional speakers or amps

* Churches and houses of worship: dramatically increases voice intelligibility and your music gains presence

* Guitar, bass and keyboard rack: improves articulation and restores cutting power often lost in miking and amplification

* Broadcasting and webcasting: adds loudness and "live presence" even on small car or computer speakers

* Dedicated Tune, Harmonics and Mix controls per channel on the Sonic Exciter section

* Dedicated Drive, Tune and Mix controls per channel on the Bass Processor section